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Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 310,
President's Monthly Message
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VVA 310

The Vietnam Veterans of America National Chapter of the Year - 1999-2007

Phil Hecker

President’s Message - 

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Here we are right around the corner from Thanksgiving and with Halloween just past! Thanksgiving is the bell ringer, at least for me, that Christmas is coming up and fast. And for me, this is the best time of year because of the grandkids, and seeing their excitement about Santa. Each year, our daughter and son-in-law do the Advent Wreath and are sure to talk with their children about what this season is all about…..Jesus !

The weather is trying to decide if it should be cold or warm as we are experiencing a few days of warm temps better known as Indian Summer. According to my wife’s smartphone temps are dropping this weekend to below freezing so it looks like we are heading into ‘winter mode’ soon.   By the time you have received our newsletter, Daylight Savings Time will have ended, so I’m hoping you all were tuned to turning the clock back. My wife celebrates this every year, as she gets another hour of sleep.

I hope everyone who has been ill is feeling better. If not, know that we are thinking of you. We have experienced a loss of a parent again this past week, and it makes us realize that as we are getting older, so are our parents. For those few who are blessed to have them still here, cherish them.

Hope to see you all at the next Chapter meeting, where we share the great works of our chapter and how we celebrate our military and veterans; where we celebrate how we are all thankful for this wonderful nation.


Phil (Flip) Hecker



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