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Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 310,
President's Monthly Message
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VVA 310

The Vietnam Veterans of America National Chapter of the Year - 1999-2007

Phil Hecker

President’s Message - 

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to the “dog days of summer” as the saying goes. We sure have had the roller coaster of temperatures. I keep reminding myself to enjoy the heat – remembering this past winter and the well-below-zero temps. So, I hope this finds you all enjoying your summer, as my wife and I are. Hard to believe we are half way through. With that, we are into the fund raising mode. The Heritage Festival is the 3rd weekend of August, and the Pig Roast is scheduled for Sept. 6th.

We are having some struggles obtaining enough members willing to help at these events. These are two large fund raisers that raise funds for the chapter’s general fund. The Christmas program fundraiser does extremely well. It provides funds for our VA expenses. Support the Troops receives funding through generous contributions thru passing the hat at the packing parties and a chapter member’s generosity to ‘match the funds’ collected in that hat. The general fund, however, is dwindling.

There is concern that we may have to cancel the Pig Roast, if we do not have enough members willing to work at it; set up, tear down, and working the events (silent auction/Chinese auction, ticket sales, serving line, kitchen, carving, etc). Don Miller and Al Dyer stepped up and agreed to co-chair again this year, and we are grateful for that partnership.

Now we need individuals willing to work. At the August meeting it will be decided if we will be moving forward with the event, or canceling it. Please….Please….Please….consider signing up at August meeting to work; or you may contact Don, Al , or myself, to let us know you will help out.

Everyone is busy with their personal lives, and that is truly understandable. We hope, and ask, that you will consider helping out so we may continue the great things that we do for fellow veterans and our community.



Phil (Flip) Hecker



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